IP Telephony

What Are The Benefits of IP Telephony with Ideal 4u Business Solutions?

We can offer two different kinds of IP Telephony services. We provide both hosted IP Telephony Solutions (MiCall+) and SIP trunking (MiLine). Both of these services are designed to improve you businesses’ efficiency and give you the best value for your communication solutions.

Being aware of the issues that people often find with IP telephony we decided to create an end to end managed solution. We’ll over see every step of the process so that connectivity and configuration are in 100% working order for your business. In short we:

  • Gain a full understanding to a user’s profile so that you get the exact service you need.
  • Create a bespoke solution to your needs.
  • Personally install your bespoke solution

Then we offer on-site user training to ensure that the system is fully operational and performing at its best.

If we can’t resolve an issue remotely then we send out an engineer to resolve your issue, as soon as possible. All of our technicians carry spare parts to avoid repeat visits.

What is IP Telephony?

Traditionally voice calls, fax and other forms of information have been carried out over dedicated circuit-switched connections. IP Telephony allows you to tap into your computer’s IP (internet protocol) packet-switched technology to carry out voice calls, fax and other forms of information.

What Are the Problems with IP Telephony?

People have been sceptical about IP Telephony as it can produce poor call quality and has been seen as an unreliable system.

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