Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

Each and every one of our customers is given a dedicated Account Manager. They’re your dedicated iDEAL Person that will be the eyes and ears of your account. They’ll make sure your business telecoms are taken care of and managed to the best of their abilities. We want your experience with us to be a happy one; this is just what your dedicated account manager does.

Your Business Needs Understood

Their experienced, technical advice is what will steer your decision-making. They’ll be in regular contact with you making sure that your business utilities, business internet provider and business mobile phone is exactly what you want and need. They’ll discuss with you whether you need a business mobile phone upgrade, that your business utility provider is the right service for you and that your chosen product or service is always the right one for your needs.

We’re on hand when you need us. Let your iDEAL Person guide you to the best choice in business utilities and business mobile phones. Contact one of our dedicated team today to start your working relationship with your own iDEAL Person.

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